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History of Using Tattoo Ink

A tattoo is a work of art or design embedded in the skin with a needle or a group of needles that use different types of tattoo ink. The word tattoo comes from Tahiti, which is actually Tatua, ie to dial. Every culture has used the tattoos of the Ice Age to modern man. Only recently the tattoos well accepted in the United States. Ancient Egyptians (4000 BC) practiced tattooing, as evidence can be seen in their mummies. Some beliefs are that women were the ones that signed these designs of tattoos in another woman's religious beliefs and not just beauty. In 400 BC, the Japanese began to use tattoos for aesthetic purposes, as well as religious marks. 

They even used tattoos as a way to mark criminals with brands that refers to the type of crime they committed. The materials used to make these drawings ink skin were created using fine needles of metal or animal bones. The discovery of the mummies date back to the XI Dynasty, have discovered the use of tattoos. This type of body art is limited only to women. These women usually participated in religious practices and rituals.

The Egyptians were responsible for the widespread use of these designs of tattoos all over the world. Trade between Mediterranean countries, like Rome, Greece, and Persia helped spread the practice of tattooing. Finally it was far from the Far East and Southeast Asia. In 1700 Captain Cook, James travelled to Tahiti and watched local natives mark your skin with works of art that are used to their religious symbols or simply for aesthetic beauty. 

Both men and women wore these designs of tattoo ink on your skin. It is used mostly blue and black ink was made by the smoke of an oily nut. Later, sailors from around the world to spread the use of tattoos after their travels took them to the islands of Tahiti. Mexican Aztec tattoos are unique in their design; they are very attractive because of their design or geometric. The use of these designs of tattoo goes back to the times of the Mayans, Incas and Aztec civilizations. These tribal tattoos of the past are the foundation of tattoos currently used in Mexico. These tattoos are subjects of the Sun, the freedom-loving Eagle, the Aztec calendar, and the Princess of the Warriors.

For over a thousand years, the use of these tattoo ink in tribal tattoos are a way to express people’s emotion that give them comfort. Borneo designs of tattoo are used throughout the world today. These tattoos are the most recognized, such as tribal tattoos in the Western Hemisphere. Men and women love tribal tattoos to look very hot and sexy.